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Pitch von Ehret
Birthdate: May 24th, 2009

Pitch is a daughter of Hutch van Tiekerhook and Nickie von Ehret, and grandaughter the world reknown producing sires; Faro Policia, and Max van Tiekerhook. Pitch has excellent hardness, strong aggression and prey drive, with full and firm grips. With completely black pigmentation and outstanding structure, her appearance provides full compliment to her solid assets for pronounced working ability. Her genetic background is composed from 50% west German, 42% DDR, and 8% Czech lineage, with no recent linebreeding. My current assessment indicates that she will play a pivotal role in the future of Ehret German shepherd bloodlines, in providing a "total fit" for true working, competitive sporting, and companionship.

Shown below at nearly 8 months old...

Shown below at 7 weeks old...

The parents of Pitch; Hutch van Tiekerhook & Nickie von Ehret

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