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Nyx Skočicka samota
Birthdate: November 8th, 2009

Nyx is a daughter of Bongo Vikar and Cher Skočicka samota, and grandaughter the world reknown producing sire, Ellute von der Mohnwiese. Both parents are excellent performers in schutzhund sport, attaining scores in the high nineties for all three phases. Nyx has excellent and high drive for work, while maintaining articulate self-control, has great attention and willingness for the handler, responds promptly to commands, can handle hard corrections while maintaining a very positive attitude, very alert to her surroundings, quick on the retrieve, strong soundness for all manner of environmental stimuli and negotiating obstacles, feisty determination in bitework, quick learning ability, and purposeful nose for tracking. Nyx will eventually make an extremely nice breeding female for working dogs that can fit comfortably into the typical family environment as well as performing at high level in sporting competitions. Her structured pedigree is composed of linebred Yoschy von der Döllenwiese on the sire-side, bred over linebred Cordon An Sat on the damside.

Bongo Vikar

Cher Skočicka samota

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